A Solution for Discreetly Disposing of TAMPONS and PADS!

Every month 83 million women in the US have periods, with most using tampons or pads. But what happens to all of those used tampons and pads?

Every woman who has had her period in an inconvenient place is familiar with the old Flush-N-Dash technique, only to result in a clogged toilet. The proper way to dispose of tampons is in the trash. But this can be messy and leave an embarrassing odor. Most women combat this by wrapping used tampons in half a roll of toilet paper, before depositing them in the trash. This time tested technique still results in a mess and does nothing to control odor. It also wastes a ton of toilet paper. On average women use 2 toilet paper rolls a month just to wrap tampons! For all the women in America, that’s nearly 1.5 million wasted trees every year!

Before Feminine Discreet Bags, women didn’t have an option to confidently and discreetly dispose of their feminine hygiene products. Feminine discreet bags are opaque white and sealable. They are large enough to fit both tampons and pads. They come in a convenient purse pack that is both portable and discreet.


Feminine Discreet bags are Opaque White, which completely conceals the contents inside. The bags are made of strong 2 Mil polyethylene plastic, which is the industry standard for strength and durability.

Odor and Mess Free

Feminine Discrete Bags are simple and easy to use zip-seal bags, no complicated peel-and-stick closures. These bags are LARGE at 4" x 6", with enough room to hold both tampons and pads. They open and close easily, and stay shut once closed to lock away odors and mess. 

Portable Packaging

Each one of our convenient purse packs holds 15 bags. That's enough for a one month supply! They are small enough to fit in any purse and take with you anywhere. They are also crush resistant and they look cute as well!